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회사 이름 (주)코엠
CEO 이계설
창립일 1987년 1월 27일
사업 형태 제조업
주요 품목 Automatic winding machines for EV
and smart devices batteries,
automatic winding machines for film capacitor
and assembly and testing machines
전화번호 +82-2-462-9455~9
팩스 +82-2-467-0425
Management Philosophy

Recognizing the boundless potential of promising new technology of the future,
we contribute to the development of human society by researching/developing
high tech equipment for the IT industry and green growth industry.

Business Principle

We put emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We put in our utmost effort to produce the best equipment in performance and that which is convenient and safe for our customers to use.

We become a true companion of our customers with technical skills as our foundation.

Core Value
Technology of the world
Customer centered technology
Futuristic technology

Dreaming even bigger dreams!
The courage to achieve, The confidence to become the best
With cutting edge technology that takes responsibility
for the future we expand on value!

KOEM Organization